Amazon SEO Vs Google SEO

SEO in short, has now become one of the biggest developments during the web revolution. However, before the idea of Amazon SEO Vs Google SEO became popular, there existed only a simple search engine optimization. Basically, when people typed any keyword or phrase in the search box and hit the enter key, the website which was found on the first page of the search results would be given the highest ranking. The concept of SEO emerged and this eventually led to the development of search engine marketing (SEM). Then people realized that there had to be something better than this simple process.

The concept of Search Engine Marketing changed when people realized that they could not beat the power of Google at its own game. So they made an all-inclusive strategy called Digital Marketing. It is not entirely wrong to say that digital marketing is a complete concept of search engine optimization and hence we have to address the two concepts separately. However, it is not possible to discuss all of these concepts in this article.

Let us now look into the details of each one of these concepts and how they help the buyer. There are many aspects of a business which can be studied through SEM such as, customer care and after sales service, the pricing policy, product promotion and so on. When we talk about Amazon SEO Vs Google SEO, the main focus is on the after sales service provided by the seller. This means that when the customer is satisfied with the shopping experience, he/she will more likely to come back to that particular site again. There are many who do not understand this concept clearly and are not aware of what a digital marketing company does. Hence this is the reason why we have come up with the discussion above.

On one hand, Google SEO offers many tools and features that are making available to an individual through their website. These are called as "Google AdWords" or "Adsense". We also have to mention that there are many more factors that are related to the ranking of the websites by Google. For instance, if an individual sells individual words like "clothes", "buy", "shoes", etc., then it is obvious that a website selling these things will be ranked higher among the various search engines.

On the other hand, when we take Amazon SEO, we are dealing with different concepts such as, Amazon's theme store, which is another name for the theme search option. Now the theme store is an integral part of Amazon's product search service. If we take this factor into consideration, then we can easily conclude that Amazon SEO is an added advantage for the buyers in the form of search engine ranking. The other thing to note is that most of the time, individual words in the product search result are lower in the rankings, which clearly shows that these sellers prefer lower ranked keywords.

To understand this better, let us take an example. Suppose you search "clothes" on Google. There are actually many other options in the search result and if you choose any of them, it is obvious that your website will not rank high in the list. The fact that it does not rank well in the first page of the search results is the major reason why many online businesspersons are apprehensive about investing their money in any of these options. This is why, many of them prefer using Amazon SEO, as it proves to provide a safe and reliable way of promoting their products.

When you go through the Amazon website, you will find that the main aim of the company is to sell their products. They offer their customers various features and benefits, which make their customers come back again. If you visit their official website, you will find various options and features which will help you promote the products and increase the rankings of your products. One of these options is called Amazon SEO.

Even though Google is the largest search engine, the main aim of all the search engines is to give a high ranking to websites that have relevant content, and the only way through which they can achieve this is by judging the popularity of the keywords used for the same search. On the other hand, Amazon SEO will not only help you get a high ranking in the initial stage, but it also gives you a permanent position on the top ten pages of the search result, once your site is popular enough. So, if you are looking to increase the traffic towards your website, choose Amazon SEO. It has proved to be a safe option and it will definitely help your business in the long run.

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